Aug 14

Orion Talk Radio goes global

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by Ken Hildebrand, Host of The Information Nation

From a small micro station in Tonawanda NY to a global power house in a little over a year, the growth of the Orion Talk radio Network is speeding ahead. In order to bring the listeners the best in alternative radio Orion has looked all over the globe. Now you get not just news from America but we have jumped over the pond to the UK and Australia. That’s right global news from people in other countries and there will be more to come.

Day or night you can hear such great hosts as John Stokes on the Edge, Tom Donahue Reports, Morning Brew w/Gwen Caldwell and Neil Bigelow, The Unsolicited Opinion w/Maggie Rodden, The Freedom Link w/Joe Joseph, Down the Rabbit Hole w/Popeye, LiveFreeFM w/Nathan Fraser, Canada Live w/Ron and John, Solvinur Radio, What’s Ailing America w/Dr. Rebecca Carley, The Medical Conspiracy w/Dr. Carpenter and Randy Simmons, Writing on the Wall w/Tim Spearman, The Information Nation w/Ken, and don’t forget the Mae Brussell Archives. Now added to the lineup and coming soon from the UK The Earth Needs Rebels w/Andrew Preacher and from down under yes he’s back, live from Australia, Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed w/Shaun. And there’s more to come in the future.

If you are tired of the same old news from the main stream media and are looking for the truth then Orion Talk Radio is the place to be. Be it news, interviews or just plain talk about the topic of the day you’ll get it all at Orion Talk Radio. No holds barred hard hitting in your face truth about your government, 9-11, operation gun runner the election and much, much more.

The Orion Talk Radio Network can also be heard on Talk Stream Live or if you download the app to your smart phone you can listen to us on tune in.

Orion Talk Radio web site http://www.oriontalkradio.com/orion.htm