Mar 02

Civil Cold War: The Oncoming State-Federal Marijuana Battle – High Times

The Trump administration’s spokesperson Sean Spicer has recently signaled that it will abide by the Congressional spending rider that prevents federal interference in the states that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. However, it has also made clear that recreational marijuana is very different than medical marijuana and that we could see more federal enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act in that regard.Funny how the Trump administration can suggest that whether transgender kids can use the school restroom matching their gender identity is an issue North Carolina ought to decide, but eight states whose populations have voted to legalize the adult use of marijuana need the federal government’s corrective meddling, ain’t it?Or like how the Obama administration overruled Arizona’s attempts to crack down on illegal immigration in favor of enforcing federal law, but then, four states whose populations had voted to legalize the adult use of marijuana should be left free from the federal government’s corrective meddling, huh?States’ rights… so long as the White House agrees with your state, I suppose.States’ rights used to be a battle cry from the right as it sought to maintain state policies out of step with federal laws on reproductive rights, segregation and taxation, to name a few.Now, states’ rights may become a battle cry from the left seeking to maintain state policies on marijuana legalization, immigration and LGBT rights against a hostile administration in Washington.California is leading the way in this new Civil Cold War. While much of the state is covered by cities and counties known as “sanctuary cities” for their ban on local law enforcement assisting federal immigration authorities, there is a bill pending now to extend that protection of immigrants to the entire state, banning state authorities’ cooperation with immigration forces as well.Now, California is proposing a similar bill creating a de facto marijuana sanctuary state.“This bill would prohibit a state or local agency, as defined, from taking certain actions without a court order signed by a judge,” according to the Assembly’s Legislative Counsel, “including using agency money, facilities, property, equipment, or personnel to assist a federal agency to investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest a person for commercial or noncommercial marijuana or medical cannabis activity that is authorized by law in the State of California and transferring an individual to federal law enforcement authorities for purposes of marijuana enforcement.”

Source: Civil Cold War: The Oncoming State-Federal Marijuana Battle – High Times