Jun 17

The Importance of Cannabinoids and Pressing Hash – High Times

Frenchy Cannoli is a veteran hash maker, known world-wide for his love of, passion for and as a purveyor of the finest hashish.There are many myths surrounding the correct way to make the highest quality hash possible, with confusion surrounding how to preserve volatile terpenes and cannabinoids in relation to heat. HIGH TIMES sat down with the man himself to clarify these myths and to get some tips on how to get the best out of your hashish making.HIGH TIMES: There are many extractors now working with new methods to create solvent and non-solvent extraction. How important is working with correct temperatures when considering cannabinoids?Frenchy Cannnoli: I actually do not “extract” resin from the plant. I use a sieving methodology to collect the resin heads in their whole state, which is vastly different from extracting the resin from the trichomes. Therefore, I will answer your questions as a Hashishin, and not as an extractor.It is mandatory to work cannabis resin under cold conditions when sieving, whether it be dry-sieving or using an ice-water methodology like I do, and then with heat when pressing the resin to compensate or take advantage of the main characteristic of cannabis resin—its stickiness.Temperatures are not simply a tool to manipulate sticky resin but also the means to decarboxylation, a process in which a molecule of carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed so that cannabinoid compounds can readily pass into the lung’s blood barrier; in the process, the THCA and CBDA are converted into THC and CBD respectively.HT: Can you explain this further, and how should this process be done correctly?

Source: The Importance of Cannabinoids and Pressing Hash – High Times