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Mar 02

Civil Cold War: The Oncoming State-Federal Marijuana Battle – High Times

The Trump administration’s spokesperson Sean Spicer has recently signaled that it will abide by the Congressional spending rider that prevents federal interference in the states that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. However, it has also made clear that recreational marijuana is very different than medical marijuana and that we could see more federal …

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Nov 22

How Idaho’s Drug Warriors Robbed Epileptic Children of their Only Hope—CBD Oil – High Times

When Josh Phillips of Salmon, Idaho (population 3,300) was 10 years old, doctors diagnosed him with a type of epilepsy that causes severe seizures. But that didn’t stop Josh from becoming a champion wrestler in high school.Two years ago, on the way home from a wrestling match with the Salmon High team, Josh was rushed to …

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Oct 18

Maine: Governor’s New PSA Claims Legal Marijuana Will Kill Children and Pets – High Times

In a pathetic attempt to persuade voters to go against an initiative aimed at legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, Maine Governor Paul LePage emerged last week with a deceptive new video that suggests legal weed will lead to a barrage of roadway deaths and even kill children.“Question 1 is not just bad for Maine, it can …

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