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May 10

Will the U.S. Legalize Marijuana Nationwide Before the Time Stephen Hawking Says We’re Doomed? – High Times

There are some lawmakers out there who believe the United States will legalize marijuana all across the nation within the next five-to-10 years. The only problem with this prediction is they have been spewing the same unsubstantiated blah-blah-blahs for the past two decades.It seems that handicapping the death of prohibition in our fair land is …

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Jan 30

Stephen Hawking says black holes don’t exist

Black holes are the source of endless fascination and speculation. Do they hold the secrets of the universe and perhaps even the key to time travel?We may never know the answers to those questions because famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says black holes don’t actually exist. At least not in the way we’ve been taught …

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