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Apr 04

Newly Introduced Legislation Would End Federal Pot Prohibition – High Times

In Trump’s (and Jeff Sessions’) new America, rational marijuana policy isn’t something we thought we would see. And while we still may not see it, members of the House and Senate are doing what they can to change that.On Thursday, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden and Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Jared Polis introduced a bill that …

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Mar 02

Civil Cold War: The Oncoming State-Federal Marijuana Battle – High Times

The Trump administration’s spokesperson Sean Spicer has recently signaled that it will abide by the Congressional spending rider that prevents federal interference in the states that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. However, it has also made clear that recreational marijuana is very different than medical marijuana and that we could see more federal …

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Jul 22

Disappointed Fact-Checker: Trump’s Crime Stats ‘Mostly Accurate’ | The Federalist Papers

After Ivanka and Donald Trump’s speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, the left are in disarray.Trump kicked off his speech accepting the GOP presidential citing crime statistics and explaining how much more dangerous the United States has become because of the Obama’ administration’s failing policies, arguing that Americans are in peril because of …

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Jul 19

Mexico Deports THIS Many Immigrants | The Federalist Papers

Mexico seems to hold a rather shocking double standard on deporting illegal immigrants. While they denounce Donald Trump for saying he will build a wall along the American southern border, and say that they will not be funding this wall, Mexico deports about 90% of its own illegal immigrants. Hypocrisy much?The Daily Caller reports:While many …

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Mar 12

Trump says, “I think Islam hates us,” Hamas-CAIR demands apology | Pamela Geller

It does hate us. See the Quran verses below. The idea that this would be controversial is ridiculous, and shows how much the level of public discourse has degenerated. Sloganeering and playing to interest groups has replaced genuine and honest analysis, and we are all teetering on the precipice as a result.And why doesn’t AP …

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Feb 06

The News Media and the RNC are at it Again – Editorial

On Saturday February 6, 2016 there will be another GOP debate hosted by ABC News and the Republican Party. All of the candidates will be there for the show. All that is except Carly Fiorina she has been left out. That’s right Carly will not be there. You see the news media and the RNC …

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